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One of our biggest promises to our customers is that we are here to recover your business or your home as quickly as possible, with as little inconvenience as possible. Our staff at Priority mold removal provides quality work and we partner will all insurance companies. When a disaster occurs, it can be a chaotic and stressful time. We are here to help smooth out the process of property restoration. We are Available 24/7 We are fully licensed & insured, and IICRC-certified. We will never provide you with anything less than high-quality, efficient restoration services. For comprehensive property restoration services you can rely on, contact Priority mold removal today!

Water Damage​​

Water damage can be overwhelming, whether it occurred due to a plumbing leak or a flood. It’s important to move quickly to restore your property and repair the components that need it. Our services begin with water extraction and the removal of your contents. We also provide contents restoration for anything that can be recovered, and dry out the space using dehumidifiers and disinfectants. When a water damage emergency happens, contact our team-we can be on-site right away

Water damage restoration Do & Don't


  • Turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet and stay away from sagging ceilings
  • Pull up the carpet and pad – this could cause permanent damage
  • Leave books and other materials containing water-soluble dyes on wet carpets
  • Attempt to dry carpeting with an electric heater
  • Turn up the heat above normal room temperature until our technicians have installed dehumidification equipment and evaluated the drying procedure


  • Identify the source of incoming water and if possible stop it or call a professional to handle it
  • Turn off all electrical appliances and electronics in and around the affected area
  • Remove excess water by mopping or towel
  • Remove or elevate furniture off wet areas to prevent permanent stains
  • Wipe water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and table top items
  • Remove valuable oil paintings and art objects to a safe, dry environment
  • Empty out closet floors, including shoes and cardboard boxes that could cause staining

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